OUR KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN - 1,094 backers pledged £61,801 to help bring this project to life.

With an awe-inspiring display of support, ULTRA PRO WRESTLING soared to success on Kickstarter. 

A remarkable 1,094 backers pledged an impressive £61,801 in just 30 days. Fuelled by nostalgia and an insatiable love for the squared circle, these fans yearned for a game that would capture the spirit, excitement, and authentic wrestling experience they cherished.

The funds raised serve as a rallying cry, empowering Sam and the rest of the team to channel their passion into crafting an experience that finally - after two long decades - delivers!

The promise of a faithful revival of classic gameplay mechanics, thrilling matches, and a deep roster of beloved wrestlers plus hundreds of unique, brand-new creations from the pen of Hal Haney has ignited their collective imagination. UPW is a testament to the unbreakable bond between wrestling fans and the timeless magic of the AKI games.