Much of the information on this page was taken directly from the Q&A sessions with our fans on YouTube Live. 

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General Information

When is the game coming out?

Late 2024

Will there be a demo?

There will be a one on one, early access demo that is slotted for Late 2023 for PC only.  We hope before November but that is our current target.

Will you be demoing the game any time soon?

Hopefully, late August 2023, aiming for August 26th, there will be a showcase video of the game. That is the goal so stay tuned!

Who will be the two fighters you will use in the demo?

Bill Dollar and Sir Oliver Buckingham, check our roster page for a full list of characters for the finished game! We have 100 unique characters made for UPW! 

What consoles will the game be on?

We will start with a Steam release and then release on Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and S.

If there are new consoles between now and the release date will you update your platform list?

Yes, we will definitely look into the resources needed to get to the most up to date consoles. 

Will the game be available on other services other than Steam?

We will try to get the game out in as many ways as possible.

Will the game be in 4K quality for Xbox Series S/X and PS5?

Yes. Those versions will have 4K textures.

How long after the initial Steam release will the physical versions become available?

Physical versions could end up taking a little bit longer due to the manufacturing process. There's also the possibility of HyperFocus Games working with a third party publisher, which could change our estimates for physical releases.

Will there be a preorder option?

Yes, but we aren't there yet. Technically the Kickstarter offered a preorder option.

For the Nintendo Switch physical version, would it be the version that is initially released on Steam that would be ported to the Switch, or would it be held back so that a later updated version is sold?

There is a likelihood that it would be released slightly later than the Steam version. The version of the game that exists at the time of publishing the Nintendo Switch version will be the version you will receive, with all of the same updates provided to all of the other systems.

Will the game look cartoony when it comes out or will you turn more toward realistic depictions later when you are in post production?

The art style is a mix of the old N64 models and a bit of Disney Infinity proportions.  We want the art style to be a little cartoony to help the characters stand out and make it easier to create your own CAWs.  It will also make your edits to characters still fit in.  If you go for realism with picture perfect scans, any change to the model will wind up looking off.  You have a perfect scan of someone's face but then you add face-paint or a beard and it will come off unnatural.  The creative aspects will really shine with this art style.

Why not make a game based on a real world promotion?

When you connect with a company you also connect to their politics.  We want to keep the game as close to our vision as possible and without worry of losing funding due to issues beyond our control. Our goal is the same as many of our fans which is to make a true successor to the AKI wrestling games.

Will there be real world wrestlers and locations in the game?

Our characters are custom designed and made to not be specific to any wrestler in past or modern times, but instead be archetypes of wrestlers.  Locations as well will be archetypes of arenas, with large and small venues being available.  With the customization suite, if you want to change a wrestler to a real life counterpart, or the location to the real world location, you will be able to. There will actually be some real world wrestlers which will be explained in the DLC section.

Will there be DLC? Is it free?

There will be two types of DLC.  The larger season of content updates will add a new decade of story content while also incorporating signature elements of the era to give you more of a feel for the change from decade to decade, so more items and more match types.  These packs will be free for all those who bought UPW!  We will also implement some gradual updates and improvements as we go. We want to make sure our initial backers, our first fans, don't feel screwed out of content for getting the game early.

There will also be a special Free Agent package that will feature actual wrestlers.  Proceeds from those packs will go to the wrestler or the estate of those that are no longer with us. 

Will there ever be an UPW2?

That is not in the plans at all.  We want this title to be the title that people play as long as they have played No Mercy.  In the future we would love to make other games based on the UPW universe though.

Will there be an online mode?

You will be able to have matches online.  Right now the focus for online mode will just be having matches and rankings.  

Will there be a search for matches?

Yes, but we will have to figure out the system.  We are interested in a quick search, as well as filtered searches to get you into matches that you like and not be specifically one type.  We also want to look into background searches so you can play the game while waiting in your queue.  

Will there be rollback net-code? Will we get cross platform online play? 

We are still trying to get the base game going but we have started using an online system that does use rollback net-code.  There are also a few options for cross platform play that are open to us. We hope to leverage both rollback and cross play for the final version of the game.

Can we fill an online game with COM players instead of waiting for it to fill with real players?

Yes. If you start a match online with some human online players, you will be able to start the match, filling the rest of the players for a match with computer players.

How much is the final game going to cost?

The cost of the final game has a lot of deciding factors that we are not at yet so we currently don't have an answer.  More than the early bird Kickstarter price though.

What match types can we expect at launch?

We are going to try to tie the match types into 80s story mode. 1v1, triple threat, tag, tornado tag.  Matches that don't affect the general mechanics of a match.  Some more complicated/object oriented matches may have to come out later on in an update.

Will there be tournaments and leagues and survival?

Yes, we would like that to build these options for tournaments and leagues.  No Mercy gave us tournaments while VPW2 had tournaments and leagues.  Both were great systems that we would like to provide to long time fans of the AKI engine again. Survival was also a fun 100 man rumble in No Mercy that we would like to bring back.

Can we run a CPU only match or tournament?


Will matches have ratings? Can a match be 5 stars? 

AKI had rating systems in Revenge and even in DefJam so we will look into those but it's a feature that is pretty far in the future at this time.

Will there be Steam Achievements?

Yes, we will make some at that tutorial level for doing something one time and we will try to make some creative ones as well.

Can we change button bindings? Could we use an N64 controller?

Yes, if your computer can map buttons to an N64 controller that shouldn't be an issue.

Are you going to make a strategy guide for the game?

We love retro stuff like our N64 retro game box backer tier.  This is a throwback game so we want to recreate the experience of being a fan of that time so we definitely will look into it.  There will be some form of in game tutorial.

Is there any way of receiving regular updates on the games progress?

Yes! We will hold regular streamed Q&A sessions on the UPW YouTube Channel. We also have a Discord and update regularly on Twitter.

Why don't you show more of the game development process?

If you put anything out to the public there will always be a misunderstanding.  Rather than using energy explaining to every person what the content we post is on social media, we are putting that energy into the demo.  We want to put out information that is clean and closer to finished products. 

Will the game support internal voice chat?

There will not be an internal voice chat at this time. We will look at other games and see how they handle voice chat or if it's just handled by the console itself. 

Can the community help create content?

We would love the help but from a quality control perspective we can't open up everything for everyone to have input. We want the official parts of the game to be as polished as possible. It isn't out of the question though.

We always appreciate how passionate the fans and backers of the project have been! Whenever we have the possibility to do something like a move creator we would be in favor of it but it NEEDS to be clean. 

How do you decide what background factors affect the match? Damage levels, or momentum, things like that?

One of our community members, Melonbread, has extensive knowledge of the AKI system and posts regularly about his findings for new wrestling games as well.  Give him a follow on twitter using #AKIdidyouknow!

I've heard him mentioned, who is MDickie?

He makes indie wrestling games, such as Wrestling Revolution for iOS and Android devices and Wrestling Empire which is also available on Steam and Switch. He has some brilliant ideas in his games with so much freedom! 

Who made the hand drawn roster designs for UPW?

Hal Haney!  You can find information on his art and his store at these links:

Is there any merchandise for the game?

YES! We are on multiple sites with custom UPW tees!  

I see one of the shirts is a design from Hal Haney but what about the other designs?

Those are done by the amazing designer and UI expert, Lance! He also updated our logo and menu system for us early on, just amazing work from him!

Who did the UPW Theme?

Stephen!  He is the sound designer for UPW. He even made a vocal version which isn't being used because it was too distracting to the match. There will be a time when they will even be available on Spotify but not yet.

In Game Information

What style is this game?

Our game engine dubbed the "Ultra Wrestling Engine" was designed specifically to appeal to wrestling fans of the N64's WWF No Mercy, WCW vs NWO Revenge and Virtual Pro Wrestling 2.  For fans who never got the chance to experience those older games we would like to introduce you to a new type of wrestling gameplay we refer to as "pure wrestling" - where the authenticity of the combat in a wrestling context is the primary focus. 

We are not just trying to emulate what the AKI games like Virtual Pro and the WWF/WCW games did but try to progress the system in a way that would resemble the next iteration after No Mercy which was the last AKI "pure wrestling" game. The AKI style also felt more deliberate than the more arcade like versions of wrestling games today.  Less cutscenes and more control! The last thing we want is for this game to mechanically stray too far away from the AKI engine.

Will there be chain wrestling?

In the AKI games you can go from front to back grapple.  We want to expand the options available to give more of a chain feel. An example would be adding headlocks, front face locks, hammerlocks, wristlocks; which each would have other options attached to them. Some of those options would be unique moves or taunts or even strikes. We want this mechanic to also be incorporated into looping moves where there are multiple spots for an opponent to reverse the move. For those that don't remember a looping move acts like a submission move but without the possibility of submitting an opponent (repeating powerbombs, head smash to the matt, etc). 

This would also lead to a function that we have seen from the DefJam games where you would grab an opponent and move them toward the ropes to perform a rope maneuver.  We would like to see our game incorporate this pushing mechanic and put your opponent either into the ropes, turnbuckle, or other interactive elements of the environment to create unique moves.  Original AKI games force you to Irish whip your opponent everywhere and DefJam added a push mechanic as well.  Chain wrestling should feel like the next iteration of those mechanics. 

Will you keep the same damage values for the moves from the AKI games?

Yes, we will review the original games extensively to make sure our versions are as close to the originals in terms of power, damage, and result on the opponent as possible.

Will there still be direction options for grapples?

Yes, the same as No Mercy's grapple followed by A, A+up, A+left/right, A+down, B, B+up, B+left/right, B+down

Can you change how powerful an attack or grapple is?

If you set a move as a special it will have an extra bit of power.  We will also look into increasing the power of weak grapple moves when put in strong grapple spots.

Will wrestlers have favorite, signature, or trademark moves to make the CPU use them more?

Yes, we want to assign moves to be used more often depending on the character. In AKI games it was referred to as a Favorite.

Can you change your health going into a match in order to handicap yourself going in?

We would like to see the ability to lower your health or abilities going into an exhibition match.  This may not be available in online play though just to keep things fair.

So you are trying to replicate every move from the AKI games in this game?

Yes, after getting through No Mercy, other AKI games like Revenge, World Tour, VPW will be combed through for more move animations.  It is a large undertaking but we want to give you as many different moves as possible. Our priority now is to have as many different moves than the amount of different styles of the same move.

Will there be new moves that weren't around in the AKI games like the Canadian Destroyer?

After the initial set of moves are added into the game we are going to set our sights on new moves.  Enough people want to see a Destroyer in the game to make it happen.

Can we submit moves for the game? Will you take any move we suggest?

Yes! Go to discord there is a move-request channel! Some moves may have already been submitted there. We want to get everyone's move requests in the game. The only reason we may reject an idea is if it's the same move that we already implemented with a different sell.

For light attacks, will you be keeping the original style of one strike mapped to one button combination, or will you go with the modern style of pressing the same button multiple times will give you different attack depending on how many times you have already pressed the button?

At this point we will keep the single strike mapping. It makes a more deliberate decision in your attacks than button mashing for your third or fourth strike in a row. There is room for changing this decision if we get enough feedback at the time of implementation. We will test it and pitch it to the community when it comes up.

AKI did have a combo system in VPW2 and even Revenge so we will look at that to see what was possible and the intention of it and see if we can bring that into the game.

Will you be able to use the joystick or D-pad for movement?

You will be able to change it but by default movement will be mapped to the D-pad.

Will there be tests of strength when two players grapple at the same time?

Possibly, "test of strength" is an old school sequence that doesn't happen too often.  We may look into adding it as an attribute of a wrestler that it could happen instead of a core mechanic (select your grapple clash).  Also it happens only early in matches so maybe we will implement a timing system that locks the mechanic later in the match.

Will there still be running grapples?

Yes and we would like to expand it to have not just more moves for running grapples, but also running grapples to the turnbuckle, apron, and other locations.

Will there be aerial grapples?

We would like to add that since running grapples exist already, so the mechanic makes sense within the system. We want you to go to the top rope and then rather than letting go and doing one move every time we want you to choose which move you do.  Just like on the ground you could have a strike or grapple aerial move.

Will there be springboard moves?

Yes, No Mercy implemented a few spring board moves initially and we would like to add more.

Will there be popup moves that can have follow-ups? 


Will there be taunts that cause an attack?

Taunts had different options than attacks.  For example you could block or attack to stop your taunt early.  If you tie a taunt with an attack it may change the dynamic of both.  Like you would be able to perform your taunt and get increased spirit while also causing damage. 

Will there still be the weight mechanic where light weight wrestlers can't do certain moves on heavy wrestlers or super heavy weights?

Yes we would like to improve it as well so it isn't the same animation every time.

Can we change the speed of the game? 

We aren't sure we want to add in that wrinkle to online play.  Deciding a universal speed that is different than your own personal speed may cause issues with people trying to get used to the game.  Right now it will be one speed for all.

Will there be intergender wrestling?


Will men and women have different animations?

We will have different animations and some may skew one gender or the other, but it won't be mandatory animations for men or women specifically.

What is the CPU AI like?

We aren't at that stage yet.  AKI had some states and implementations for move favorites and style favorites so we will try to do the same when the time comes. One thing we would love to implement is giving a character a style.  If they are dare devils then they will always try to go overboard with high risk moves.  If they are hardcore they will go for weapons.  

When it is ready will we be able to simulate matches and have the computer controlled wrestlers fight each other?


You said you are modeling your animations on AKI games, which game will you be using?

No Mercy, Revenge, World Tour, Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 are all on our list.

How will the MMA style work?

There are different styles of fighter: lucha libre, brawler, submission, etc.  Back in WCW/nWo world tour there was a boxer character who had no grapples. We want to make the option to have a fight style like that.  Something that is different enough from a classic wrestler but still based on the AKI gameplay.  It hasn't been completely fleshed out but we are hoping that the chain wrestling system will make an MMA fighter and a boxer a viable addition to your classic wrestling roster.

Will there still be TKOs and KOs in the wrestling matches?

Yes, we will continue to have the same No Mercy style rules and results.  If you are KO'd in a match where it doesn't end a match your will lay there until you regain enough energy to get out of the downed state.  If TKO is a way to win that will result in a win just like before.

Is there a way to regain health?

No Mercy actually did have a mechanic to regain health so we will be sure to look into and implement it (something having to do with staying in the ring and either not moving or not initiating contact)

Will there be a more dynamic block system like ducking?

That will stray too far from the AKI engine, more of a boxing simulation at that point so at this point it will be the classic block.

Are there going to be more types of matches than wrestling matches?

Yes, we would like to add MMA style matches like Virtual Pro Wrestling and maybe even a match type more similar to a boxing match. 

Will there be tables? 

Yes! Folding tables and announce desks

Can we stack tables?

Not in the first release, eventually that will be something we want to try.

Will we be able to throw people over the top rope or through tables using basic grapple moves?

Through the chain wrestling mechanic, we will be testing grapple moves, similar to the functionality of the stalling suplex, that will let you either move or taunt. With that, you can line up your opponent to interact with other elements of the environment. We think this is how AKI would solve the issue, rather than leaving it up to chance of maybe part of the opponent just grazing an edge of a table and having it completely collapse.

Is the ground reversal the same as the AKI games? 

Initially yes.  When you go for a leg submission on a facedown opponent you will still go into a reverse animation for the Boston Crab. Over time we do want to improve on this.

If a match has no pinning and you execute a move that ends in a pin, will you still be stuck pinning the opponent like in the AKI games?

We would like to add in a mechanic so you don't have to select whether your move is a pin move or not. We would like it so if you perform a move that could be a pin move, if you hold down a pin button, you go straight into a pin, otherwise you release them. That same would be true for performing an aerial splash. 

Will we still be able to steal finishers?


Will we be able to reverse finishers?

This is a divided issue because the old AKI games didn't let you reverse specials. Many people like the old way and others like that in real matches finishers can get reversed so why not in game? We don't have decision yet.

Will there still be finishers in different locations? Are you limited to the number of finishing moves you can have?

It will be just like the AKI games where you can select finishing moves from any grapple, submission, or aerial maneuver.  We are still trying to figure out if and how to implement special striking moves. You also have the option to not select a finisher from certain placements.

Will there be secondary or super finishers/super special?

Not at this point, because we think having lots of finisher options is a better fit than having secondary and primary finishers. We will ask the community their thoughts when it comes to that point in development.

Will you keep the standing dazed animation and the crumple KO?

We want to innovate the dazed animation to an extent since no one really stands like that but the crumple is a little more iconic to the moment so hopefully we can keep them both for now and then iterate on them as development continues

Will there be a mist move and a fireball?

Yes, we want to keep them both in and maybe add some customizations to it like color of mist!

Will we get full entrances, or only partial entrances?

There will be full entrances similar to Revenge and WM2000.  We will try to make some cleaner animations so it doesn't look as chunky. We will try to add some interaction during the entrance as well if it makes sense like timed pyro specific to what you have selected in the creation suite.

Can entrances have wrestlers sing to their own themes?

We will test out some lip syncing dynamics to see what we can do with this.  Right now it is being tested for cut scenes but for a full theme can investigated.

Will tag matches still allow you to always control the legal man in the match?

Yes, you can have yourself switch or just stick to one character.  That will be decided after selecting characters.

Will there be double team moves still?

We would like to have the same double team moves and increase the options available, and hopefully even add corner double team moves!  We want to lean away from doing moves that are too cinematic though.  Definitely trying to keep the option to put someone on your shoulders to set up for moves like AKI had.

Will there be announcers?

No, announcers are difficult to get right and we don't think there is a good direction to take it at this point.

Will the crowd noise be taken from AKI too?

We would like to innovate the crowd noises with cheers and reactions better than No Mercy had it.  We are still working out the details but we wouldn't want it to be unnatural for the game. Just like bad commentary, bad crowd noises may sour the game to an extent.

Will there be meters and bars on the screen or just the spirit meter?

We might keep health bars in as an option if it is helpful. We may not put it in at all, but it won't be something stuck on the screen.  We won't be adding any mini game/quick time events since that loses the point of the struggle moments that we all fondly remember.  Mashing buttons to struggle out of holds faster was such a big part of the fun of those games. We don't want it replaced so you don't fight as hard when you know you will kick out because the meter says so.

Will we still have to do hard grapple specials for strike moves like superkicks, or running specials like the big boot and leg drop? 

We will work on how to implement a special strike and see what the community thinks of the implementation.  It may work or it may be too far removed from how the older games worked. The same goes for running specials.

Will camera shake and zoom-ins happen like in televised wrestling?


Will opponents be impacted by moves that are executed near them?

Probably not unless there is an argument for it. AKI didn't really do that too much, that was more of a Smackdown feature.

Will there be backstage area? How is the transition between them?

There will be backstage areas, we are going to try to avoid adding loading between rooms and have the transition between be more seamless.

How many promotions will be in the game?

For launch we are looking to have 10.

How will targeting work with that many players?

We could use the right stick to assist in setting who specifically to target.  We will playtest different options.

How large will the promotion map be?

The promotion map will probably be limited to Canada, Japan, Mexico, US, UK with varying numbers of territory location possibilities within them.

How many championships will there be in the game?

Each promotion will have a number of customizable championship slots, and online there will be a separate number of UPW Championship belts. We will have a Heavyweight, Lightweight, Tag Team and Woman's. We may also look at regional specific belts for the online mode. Championships for more than 2 man tag teams may not come right away, we will try. If trios/6-man titles are not available on release it will come in a future update.

Can we play for championships in exhibition mode?

Once the belt is unlocked by playing through the career, you can use the belt in exhibition.

What is the limit on the battle royale rumble participants?

Either 40 or 50.

Will battle royale rumbles have a specific over the top rope rule?

We would look into changing the original AKI design so going under the top rope, or being pulled out from the bottom, wouldn't eliminate you.

Can you add pin and submissions elimination to battle royale with ring outs?


Will there be a ladder match?

Yes! The implementation of the ladder match will be close to the No Mercy style as possible.  No added mini games or meters that make you hit the exact moment.  Just a the struggle of mashing enough like No Mercy. We will look into adding some ladder spots without it being a cutscene.  

Will there be a steel cage match?

Yes again! Once again looking for a recreation of the No Mercy style cage match.

Will there be a ladder steel cage match?

Currently not planning on it. 

Will there be an 8 sided cage for the MMA style ring?

No, that has been copyrighted so we will have to choose a different shape.  This goes for name branded match types as well. We will have to see what we can make and how to avoid legal issues while also staying true to the way the match plays out.

Will there be custom sized cage matches or cages with tops like Wargames, Blood and Guts, Hell in a Cell, or Roof on a Cage?

Not on initial release but we do intend to have more cage setups than the initial cage match

Will there be new Cage mechanics and moves?

We do want to evolve the controls of the cage matches and give more options than just the grab, drag, headsmash that existed in No Mercy.  DefJam had moves where you could drag your opponent to the rope and do rope based grapples so we would like to do the same but give cage options like a catapult or face grind.

Will there be barbed wire rope matches?

Not on first release but eventually.

Will there be other gimmick matches (Coal miner glove match, Strap match, Flag pole match, On a Pole match)?

We will have to wait and see how each can be implemented and what the resulting match will feel like.  No all gimmicks have the longevity and replay-ability to make it worth adding.

How many wrestlers can be in a ring at once time?

The goal is to have 10 characters at one time. 

Can you limit that if you don't want too many people in the ring at one time?

We may have that in as an option for rumbles.

How many will be allowed for couch coop simultaneously?

Right now 4 will be the max.

Will 4v4 be ready for the initial release?

4v4 is a launch goal.

Will there be stable/faction entrances? How many to a stable?

We will have stable entrances.  Right now the plan is to cap the stable entrance at 4 people but we will try to get a full 5. But the faction itself doesn't have a current limit. 

Will tag teams be stronger together?

We haven't fleshed out what would happen in match but we like the idea of establishing a stable and if you are in a team together you get some small buff.  We have to test out the fairness of such a mechanic

Will tag team moves be automatic?

We want to avoid automatic/cut scene moves so executing a tag team move would take both players to understand specific setup in order to execute a move (think AKI styled doomsday device or 3D, and less smackdown's grapple in a corner and all the movements play out automatically)

Will tag teams recognize and help each other in battle royales?

We would like to implement the CPU to understand factions in free for all match scenarios.

Will there be camera operators, announcers, other side characters?

It will have to be tested first, but it would definitely add to the realism. Depending on how well the game will be running with a maximum amount of entities will dictate how other characters can be implemented. 

Can we enter the crowd in a match?

Yes, that is a goal of ours. It will stay on the floor and only a few areas where the crowd doesn't have to move around.  We also want an exit within the crowd to bring you to a different backstage location than if you go through the stage.

Can you destroy the ring?

It would be cool to replicate but no, that rare spot is not something that happened in the 80s.  And if the mechanic is too easy to repeat it will take away from the rest of the game. We want to also avoid anything that looks too much like a cutscene moment. 

We would be more interested in something like landing from a high spot and leaving a landing mark, like a dent or a crack somewhere on the ground or ring.  If it does get implemented it won't be in the first version of the game. That is up in the air.

Will there be weapons?

General weapons will be in the game but more complex weapon controls and styles of weapons (thumb tacks) will be saved for their era of wrestling to be implemented. 

Where will weapons be located?

We would like the weapons be under the ring and in the crowd depending on where it makes sense for them to exist.  So most likely steel chairs would be the primary weapon you get from the crowd. 

Will weapons disappear?

No we don't want the weapons to fade away.  AKI had a system that limited the amount of weapons where once you had a certain number you couldn't pull out new ones until you returned one or two to the crowd. As for broken weapons we would also like them to stay in the ring but become unusable.  So a broken table would not fade away after a move breaks it. 

Will the crowd hand you weapons like DefJam? 

It will be too much of a challenge for initial release

Will there be a difference sell animation for moves done on weapons on the floor? How about damage levels?

There was definitely a sound for moves on weapons in the original AKI games.  We may look into different sell reactions for certain moves depending on the move themselves. Damage levels may only be slightly higher if at all. 

Will there be weapon based grapple moves and weapon submissions? How about diving weapon attacks?

We want to definitely expand how weapons are implemented in combat but it has to match the AKI style so we have to really plan this out to feel right. We will also look into options for weapons being used in submissions. A goal will be VanDaminators and VanTerminators! 

Will weapons be arrangeable in corners and other setups?

Yes we definitely want weapons to be deliberately placed, ladders can be in the corner, chairs can be set up like a chair would be, etc.  Ideally we want you to be able to jump onto a standing chair, jump to the ropes, and then jump out of the ring like Sabu.

Will there be light-tubes?

Maybe in the later years of the story they will appear but not just yet.

Will there be any new ladder mechanics to look forward to?

We will be looking into the best, AKI like, ways to improve ladder mechanics.  Every ladder match shows new ways to use and arrange ladders but if they don't feel like they fit in the game they probably won't make it.  

Will there be fire?

If it can look good!

Will there be blood?

Yes! The visuals of bleeding are still being worked out.  The mechanics of the blood should still resemble the AKI style of game, including how prone your character is to bleeding. It will not be overly gory, so it will probably just stay on the head and chest. We will look into differences from something like barbed wire but not yet.

Will blood stain the map?

We want it to, and we will see if there are issues in the future that will cause us to change the mechanic but we want the blood to stay on the map and not disappear over time. 

Will there be visible physical damage to the wrestler like bruises?

Bruises don't really show in wrestling.  We will try to have face paint fade over time but we would be open to hearing arguments for adding bruising.

Will face paint change over the course of a match?

 Yes, that is something we have been asked about a lot actually.

Will there be a limb health meter in the game?

The opponent will sell limb damage but we probably won't have a meter to show body damage levels.

Will an opponent sell more than one injury at a time (hold head and limp at the same time)?

In a real match it's rare for someone to sell more than one body part but this is a game. We will try to do something with more than one body part injury like a limp and holding your head or arm at the same time.  

Will opponents appear more fatigued/exhausted as the match goes on with heavy breathing?

We would like to add this to the animations for characters. We will also look into slowing down characters that have gotten tired in long matches.

Will fatigue or limb damage effect your damage output?

That is a hard choice because it is a big gameplay change. We may have a community conversation about this when the time comes because it definitely makes sense from a wrestling standpoint. To implement it in game would be a big task and may change the fundamentals of the game.

Will moves do more damage when done to the outside of the ring?

There may be a slight damage increase for moves done on the floor versus the apron.  That hasn't been tested so we haven't made a decision yet.

Will there be end of match highlight reels?

Yes, the end of the match should show a few highlights from the match, big crowd reaction moments.  We also want to be able to capture the whole match so when  a match ends you can scrub forward and backwards and switch camera angles that can be used for your character's promo video.

Will characters have a number rating system to show how powerful they are?

No. Anyone should be able to be a proper match with anyone else.  You shouldn't worry about being a level 52 going against a level 98. 

So I don't have to level up my wrestlers through the campaign?

No. Your wrestler, whether in campaign or exhibition, will be the same and not need to level up to be competitive.

Will my character's win loss record appear under their name for their entrance?

Entrance graphics haven't been planned out yet but we may have that for online matches.  It also is something that would be more for the MMA styled promotions than 80s wrestling.

If my character is a champion will they come out with their belt? What if they hold multiple belts?

Yes! The champ should come out with the belt in their entrance.  As for multiple titles, 3 makes sense as the most they can handle at once, one around the waist and one on each arm or hand. If we can find a good look and entrance for more than 3 we will add that in.

Will my character take their belt to other promotions?

There may be a story line for that but not a regular occurrence. 

Is there a three stages of hell match where 2 out of 3 falls where each fall is a different match type?

We like that idea but we haven't tried to implement it yet.  We want the menu system to be condensed but with lots of different options. 

Will there be a referee? Can they be knocked out? Will a second ref come to replace that one?

When the one on one demo is ready it likely will not have a referee physically present in the ring. We would like a physical referee character at least for basic exhibition matches and maybe some gimmick matches but not for larger multi man matches. We want refs to be knocked down, distracted, cause DQs by grabbing them. Having a replacement referee come out might ruin the opportunity setup by a ref bump, so right now that isn't in the plan.

What happens if more than one person pins at once?

Hopefully we can get the referee to do a double count if he sees both or only count the one he is looking at.

Will there still be managers and their ability to stay at ringside? Or even more functionality?

Yes, we will have managers at ringside.  The manager will have more options to affect the match when there is a physical referee, like distractions to prevent DQs and pins.  To balance things we would like to give the referee the ability to throw out a manager that has interfered too often.

Can we pretend to be hit by a chair and trick the referee into a DQ?

It would be fun but it is unlikely.  Especially for championship matches it would be a cheap win.

Will stages have interactable elements?

We would like to have sections of the stage where the player can interact realistically.  We will also have spots to throw someone off the stage but the reactions and interactions have not been fleshed out.

Will there be high spots to fall off of and will they be more impactful when you fall from them?

We are still building out the backstage but right now the highest point is Hell in a Cell height. But that is a mechanic we haven't been able to code out to be different yet.  AKI games were pretty much the same no matter where you fell so we would like to do something different there.

Will interference from other wrestlers come from other locations than the entrance ramp?

We would like to see interference from the crowd and maybe even under the ring.  Sting used to descend from the rafters as well so that showed AKI was willing to have different forms of interference.  It would be an option in Create a Wrestler.

What happens when interfering wrestlers get beaten up enough to leave the ring? What will they do?

No Mercy has them remain motionless outside until interacted with.  We will have to test out some other options like them actually leaving the area afterwards.

Will there be collectibles?

We would like to do playing card collectibles and right now we will have it that if you beat someone you get their card.

Will the character select have the drawn images or 3d model images?

We will have both, where the grid of wrestlers will be drawn images but on hover before selecting the model will load.

Will there be an N64 mode with lower graphic quality like the old games?

There is an idea to make a completely separate UPW64 style game where everything is the same but lower polygon count like the old Nintendo games. We would even bring back flat crowds! The hope is that if we get the general game correct then we can scale the game down and it could even port to mobile. It can even be possible when the game is done, that we can take the lower polygon version and port that to a VR setup where you can play the game but see from any angle. That would be a dream come true!

Campaign Mode

Will the campaign be available at launch?

The campaign stretch goal actually didn't make it for our Kickstarter campaign. We want to still get it in for the launch of the game but we want the rest of the game to be ready to go first.  So it may come as a future update instead.

How does the campaign work?

Check out the Legacy Career Page for more information!

Is this a sandbox mode?

Not necessarily at this point.  Once you complete a year you can go back to certain points but you won't be able to change every single aspect of the story at this time like a sandbox.

Will the second time playing through career mode be different than the first?

Yes, it should be different every time you play since it is not a linear story.

How far back are you going in the timeline?

80s is the earliest era in the current plan. We want the eras to feel unique and interesting and we don't think that the 70s to 80s update will be enough of a style change.

Is there a way to speed up the Legacy campaign?

Depending on the promotion they might do shows only once a month as opposed to once a week with a monthly event.  Small promotions can only put so many shows on a year.  There would also be injury time off. Longest campaign would be a match every single week and a PPV event over the course of 10 years. 

Once a week in real time?!

No! In game time.

Will there be challenges to complete? 

Yes, we would like the backstage to be a hub and minigame to exist there. The games would relate to wrestling lore of what people did backstage like play poker and arm wrestle. These mini games would change the path of your career by connecting you with different wrestlers in different ways. They will not be mandatory.

Will there be in-game or prerendered cutscenes?

The story line will take place as in-game cutscenes and not prerendered videos.

Can there be picture in picture style videos of you, or your rival cutting a promo?

It hasn't come up before in the brainstorming process but we will keep it in mind.

Will there be contract signings? 

Not sure if that happened in the 80s, we would need a decent amount of examples as a proper story element.

Will there be press conferences in story?

Not for the initial implementation of the story since press conferences didn't appear in 80s wrestling. Open to new information changing that decision. These kinds of story line elements, if they are more relevant to a later era then they will be pushed off until then.

Can you form a faction during the career mode?

There will be faction opportunities in the story.

Can your tag team partner be your enemy backstage?

Tag teams can develop issues due to backstage politics and fame which will lead to a breakup storyline. You won't have a long term tag team that doesn't get along backstage.  We want the backstage story to affect the in ring storylines. 

Can titles change appearance over time?

That can be done.

Will there be long term injuries in story? Can that be turned off?

We will have to play around with an in story injury angle. We definitely want it but probably not as a toggle.

Can you still arrive to a show while injured or not booked?

Yes, you will still be able to be backstage and influence wrestlers and their stories. You can also skip the day entirely.

Will you be able to keep wrestling if you have a minor injury?

We want that to incorporate into the story that if you are injured in a match, your next match will have some damage on that limb and if that limb gets worked on again you have the possibility of getting a full injury that will keep your out of action temporarily.

Will promotions have PPV/PLE geared toward the story?

Yes, we are aiming at 4 events a year right now.

Could the promotional PPV either be all a single type of gimmick match or lead up to one big signature match at the end?

Yes we are trying to recreate some PPV type story lines to all play out in similar fashion to real events.

Can I replay PPV/PLE moments in the campaign again?

After completing the campaign you will be able to go back and replay full events exactly as they occurred or edit events.

Can promotions burn out in campaign?

We are undecided about that.  It depends on the how we decided to progress the story. Initially we did want some to die out if they don't do well.

Can you move a promotion?

There will be a map, after completing the campaign you will be able to move a promotion to an available territory.  We won't be allowing multiple promotions in a single mapped territory at this time.

How will moving between promotions work?

There will be multiple ways to change.  It could be from firing, and offer, and maybe we could implement some manager based options where you and your manager have issues on which promotion you should work for.

When you move to another promotion can you change your gimmick?

Yes and you may even be forced to in order to join!

Can your bring your title from one promotion to another promotion?

Yes, but you won't be able to defend it there. If you leave a promotion though you leave the belt behind.

Can someone from another promotion come and challenge for the title at your promotion?

Unlikely, more reasonably would be a debuting wrestler from another promotion as opposed to one that still resides in a different promotion at the time of the challenge.

Will the map be something you can travel?

No the map is just for setting the promotion location.  There will be a backstage hub for extras but not the map.

How close to real life will the stories be?

We would like the stories to be generic prototypes of real world events without being complete rip-offs. So a character may have an annual PPV streak but it may not be the other worldly legend character.  We would also like to keep the tone of the stories whether comedy or serious with a little self awareness. 

Could there be a referee career mode?

We have to see if there is a lot of interest in it to justify the time it would take to implement.

Will there be a co-op campaign?

You could pick up a second controller for tag team matches and managers but we would need to flesh that out more.  Currently nothing specific planned for a separate mode but there will be story lines involving tag teams.

Will promotions have non playable characters like owners and commentators?

As far as characters that are non playable we would like the idea to have those but more likely they would be playable.  It isn't fleshed out yet.

Will the commentators be at their desk? Will they be interactable?

If we are able to get the commentary team at their desk, they probably won't be interactive until after the desk is broken.  Then we will see if we can add an interaction or two to them.

Will there be awards for best wrestler or tag team in the campaign?

We were thinking of a Hall of Fame type moment at the end of an era for your overall career ranking tied to in game achievements.  We would playtest if it's doable year to year but most likely it would just be at the end of an era.

Will there be adult content in the story?

No we will push the limits as far as they make sense to the stories we are telling.  It may not be child friendly but we won't be going over the top either.

Can you take a created character to any promotion to start with?

There will be limitations on your choices based on the characteristics of your character as well as your fame. Roster characters will have more options than a new CAW.

Can you affect other promotions?

Your decisions will have ripple effects throughout the wrestling landscape. We also have an idea of a backstage television where you could see other characters performing in other promotions and keep track of what is happening.

Will title history and win/loss records be recorded?

Yes and if you reset the story mode that will also reset.  We record what happened in all promotions at the same time as well. 

Will there be voice acting in the story?

No, the story mode is too dynamic for that. 

Will there be prominent roles for female specific characters?

We will implement the direction of the story depending on some gender dynamics.  

Will there be an all female promotion?


Will there be a backyard promotion?

We would like to create a backyard promotion since lots of people start off their love in a simple back yard setup.  It is a part of the wrestling world so it should be part of the UPW universe as well! But don't try this at home!

Is there free roaming and random encounters?

There will be free roaming where you can talk to people before and after their match and your match. 

If I am playing a through career in an era, will those belts from that era be available in exhibition mode?

No they will be locked to keep the story making sense.  

How many championships can you hold at on time in story?

One single and one tag makes the most sense for our current vision of story mode. If there is a demand for it in the future we will look into it.

Will there be a personal locker room area with achievements showcased? 

We are playing around with a personal area but haven't gotten there yet

How long until the next campaign?

This depends on how well the game does.  Once the initial release is finished we will be able to figure out our footing for next steps.

Will future campaigns alter previous ones? Like new match types added in the 90s era?

Yes, there will be story line moments that will update here and there.  An example being you having the option to pick a stipulation for a future match,  the stipulation options would update with  a selection of what you have available in your game.

Are there plans for a GM mode?

Currently we are only planning for the Legacy Career mode to be available on release. Other career modes like GM would be a future addition but it takes a great deal of time. 

Creative Control Information

What will be in the creation suite for the game?

We want to give the players as many create options as we can, a compete sandbox game for wrestling fans.  If you want to make your wrestler have their own promotion, music, belt and more, then we want you to be able to do that. Whether they are all ready for initial release will be tough but this is the current wish list:
Create a Wrestler
Create an Attire
Create an Event (PPV)
Create a Promotion
Create a Championship

Some subsystems we have (not full creation suites but upgraded from the original AKI system) are:
Create an Entrance
Create an Arena
Texture Edit System
Custom Music Editor
Create a Video Package
Create a Stable

Texture Edit System?

Think of it as Create an Attire.  In No Mercy you could pick a shirt and change some colors but you would have no editing options past that.  This system would be how to make that shirt in the first place.  So you would create a shirt with your logo or decal, then you could take that shirt into Create an Attire and use it on multiple attire slots and change just certain colors to make the attires different for a single wrestler. 

Create an Attire?

You will be able to combine a base layer outfit with a decal layer.  So if there is a set of pants that had a red white and blue color scheme design and you want to add your name or another logo on it, you will be able to add decals on top of that set of pants and be able to change the colors of each independently. In this way if you have a tag team you can create the same attire for both and just change the label wherever they may have their names for each.

Is there a maximum number of colors that are adjustable for an attire?

There will be 6 possible color options for a single attire (3 for base layer and 3 for a decal layer). 

Will we have options other than hand drawing logos?

We will have a selection of shapes to build decals and logos so you won't have to hand draw every square and circle. There will also be preset textures for attires so you don't have to build every pattern from scratch. We want to add options for editing the shapes as well like stretching.  

Also there will be an upload section where you can get logos from community creations online.

Is the Texture Editor just for attires?

No, you will be able to add decals and logos to Create a Promotion as well! For example using the decal as the ring canvas center logo.

Will there be locked content when the game starts?

Yes there will be a shop (internally named the "Smack Talk Shop") with locked content that can only be unlocked through gameplay and in game currency.  This will not be an actual paywall but more of the old Smackdown Mall where you couldn't use a certain special move or attire until it was unlocked. The career mode will give you the most return but you will be able to generate money through exhibition.

If there is a piece of ring gear that we really want, can it be added to the game?

There will be certain logos and ring gear that we will not be able to offer due to copyrights.  We can offer approximations and maybe with enough of the tools we provide you can make something that is more than 90% of the way there.  That being said, we cannot guarantee every type of gear, mask, and foreign object will make it in the game exactly as you wish it to be.

Will characters be hidden?

Probably not, they will be unlockable but not characters that people aren't aware of.

How many Create A Wrestler slots will be available?

We aim for an unlimited number of created wrestlers. In essence, you are only limited by the amount of storage space you have on your hard drive.

Will CAWs look like the rest of the roster that is intended to be in the game, or will they stand out?

We are aiming to make the game in a more simplistic style than games where you have scans of real humans added to the game.  By avoiding photo realism we hope the outcome will be that all characters look like they fit in the UPW universe.

Will players have the ability to edit pre-existing wrestlers, and if so to what extent?

Yes! All wrestlers in the game will be fully customizable. The only exception is with wrestlers who are actively involved in your current career mode chapter. These wrestlers will only be partially editable while active. You will be able to change everything about the starting roster.  Small changes like facial hair and attire color to complete visual changes to your favorite wrestlers!

How many create slots will a single character get?

Each character will get 4 attire slots attached to how many eras exist in game and what quarter of the year it is.  If you are in the 80s and it is the second quarter of the year you will automatically be in that attire.  As we add eras you will get more attire slots. Also each attire will have an backstage and an entrance addition to their attires.

How customizable are the characters in terms of unnatural limb scaling and stretching? Can we make monsters?

We will see if it fits into the game style correctly but it is possible in our current system. Right now the inhuman elements that will definitely be in the game can be seen in our roster page.

Can you customize the lengths of pants and hair outside of selecting a different item?

Not for clothes. The mesh of the models attach to certain parts of the character skeletons so it may cause issues to the rig of the model.  We would more likely have options for lengths as opposed to a slider. Hair should be okay.

Will there be masks and face paints?

Yes, we haven't fleshed out the customization of the masks yet, but face paint would attach to our Texture Edit System.

Can we rip off an opponents mask?

Full removal or just tearing we haven't decided yet. But we will implement some kind of mechanic for mask damage/removal.

If I put a singlet on my character can they do a taunt that pulls them down?

We will have removal of pads in animations like elbow and maybe knee, but a singlet is too difficult to implement.

Will each of the designated promotion arenas be editable?

All the promotions will be editable so once you complete the chapter in campaign it will all become editable. Including the title belts that were connected to each promotion.

Will there be musical choices for promotions?

We would like to give the option for selecting theme music for a promotion similar to different shows having different opening music in real life wrestling shows.

What are some customizations you can make for a ring?

Other than color changes we would like to add customizations to turnbuckles, turnbuckle pads, ring posts, aprons, and logos. These subtle details make the promotions feel different from each other.

What are some customizations you can do for the lights?

We can customize the house lights and the ring lights separately.  You can control the colors and intensity of each independently. 

Will there be difference guard rails around the ring?

Yes, we definitely want the old school rail with fabric around it along with a current barricade style at least. We may also get a chance to do the basic rope off from the crowd but that will involve some extra logic so it doesn't act like a hard surface. Of course they will have color options as well.

Will there be region specific options for Create a Promotions?

We would like to incorporate region and timing specific elements for customization.  We would like to see chairs, tables, and stop signs different per region and we would like to emulate that in weapon availability as well. 

How do you Create a Video Package?

This is still being worked on but, what we want to have is a menu where you can scrub through the last match.  Save snippets locally and then in the Create a Video Package menu stitch those clips together to make a full music video! The match videos would not be automatic because you would clog up your save data file.

Will the soundtrack be inspired by the AKI N64 games?

Yes! We definitely want to maintain the same vibe. Specifically, the music from WCW Vs. NWO World Tour. Maybe even get our own version of the dig-diggity-dog in some way for the menus.

Why use the Custom Music Editor and not just upload music?

A large part of the game is built around an online element, which will cause legal issues when using licensed music. The Midi versions of the music will be a lot safer for streaming, recording, and reusing. If we can get an upgraded music system other than the Midi version we would love to have it, but right now that is our fallback.

Is the Custom Music Editor a Steam exclusive?

No. The Custom Music Editor allows you to create, edit and share Midi files in game on all version.

Could I scan my face in Create a Wrestler?

No at this time. Obviously we've got so much that we need to do in the creation suite before we can play around with stuff like that, but that's an interesting idea. But we wouldn't want it to just be a projection of a face, because it wouldn't fit with the style of the other characters in the game.

Will there be robot parts, fantasy elements or anime hair? 

There are some unique hair styles so probably at some point we will add an option but we have to get to the end of our original roster and the Create a Wrestler assets before we see what we are missing and what we need to add in for the next update. For some ideas of what is currently going to be in the game, check our Roster page. The designs from Hal Haney will influence the kind of elements that will be in the Create a Wrestler suite.

Are there moveable parts available for characters?

No,  it has not come up at all before outside of maybe a spinner for the title belt.

Can we upload new models to the game?

No,  every wrestler will be build off the create system so there are no  scanned models in the game.  You wouldn't be able  to upload individual parts without messing with parts that exist in the game

Can we create a move?

No, but we are looking at adjustments to moves, maybe slow or speed up certain moments to make their own moves unique in the future.

Can we create a story?

No, there is currently no plans for customizing or creating your own story.  Characters and promotions are editable which will affect the visuals of the stories but in game stories are currently going to be set. Any further story mode editing would have to come well after release.

Will there be cross platform community creations? Can I bring my character with me to another console?

We want to see you go from console to console with your information and be able to access your last saves.  With that we also want you to be able to create whoever you choose and to share it with everyone.  If someone spends 10 hours on a costume we don't expect everyone else will do that, but they would want that level of effort on their characters. We haven't worked out exactly how that will work cross platform but it's something we want to deliver.

Will we be able to change the sound of the rings?

We would like to add this option but it has to fit in the game.  Getting the sound right is more of a challenge than just taking a recording and putting it in the game. More likely there will be types of rings and the sound of the ring will be different for each type.

Will there be double or triple rings?

Double rings is currently not planned for initial release.

Will the intro of the game change when we change the characters and promotion designs?

Yes! At this stage the plan is for it to function just like No Mercy.

Can we create an online promotion to work with their own belts?

The current plan for online mode is to just use it for matches. Online promotions is a good idea to consider since people already try to do that with friends. We will see how much time and testing it will take to create this.

Can the ladders and cages change colors and styles?

Ladder and cage color is set by the promotion.  There will be an option to change the cage type from chain-link fence to iron bar cage.  There will also be size options for ladders to increase or decrease the size.

Can you change the lighting in an arena?

Yes, you can change the house lights, the lights above the ring and also the entire rig above the ring.

Can you change how crowded the arena is?

Yes, if you want an empty arena you can have it.

Will there be options for stables other than just putting them together?

We would like to have group entrances for tag teams and trios that have a different animation, music, and video package than the individuals.

Will stages for a promotion be customizable depending on the size of the arena?

Yes you can update your stage since each promotion can grow.  There needs to be a small, medium, and large version of each stage to fit in larger and small venues.

What are some options for stage editing?

You can decide if the entrance is centered, off center, or from the corner.  The height if it's on the floor or raised, so that will decide if there is a ramp and what kind of ramps you have.  From there you will have options like if there are curtains, where screens could go, as well as a selection of props to place with custom placement and scaling. 

Will the backstage area also have differences?

Yes depending on the size of the venue there will be different sizes to the backstage, small, medium, and large.  They will also be editable along with your promotion. The big leagues should have a bigger and better look than an indie promotion.

Will entrance ramps be customizable?

Yes, ramp size and different guard rail setups will be available. We also want elevated and flat stages since some promotions allowed the stage at the same height as the ring and others ramp down. As always if there is anything glaringly obvious that should be in the game after release, make your case to use and we will see if we can put it in!

Can you create a PPV/PLE/Event locally for a one time setup with friends?

You will be able to create events through your created promotions, stages, and then venue.  Once your event is created you will be able to start it locally and add whatever matches you would like and start it up.

Will there be mod support?

Possibly, it's a big issue to look into.

Can we get a greenscreen room? 

That is a good idea that we will look into either adding or making sure you can make in the Create a Promotion.

The Showcase

What is or was the 2023 Showcase?

The Showcase  was how we showed the fans where the game currently was in development as well as some things to look forward to in the future.  We show early footage of the game, some CAW customizations, and multiple old and new Free Agents for the game including Matt Cardona! You can view the video at This was made with a specific deadline in mind, so some issues couldn't be cleared or properly explained so hopefully this section will clarify things.

Are these the final models and animations?

No the models and the animations will be tweaked and refined over time but we wanted to show just how far the game has come since early prototype videos and the Kickstarter designs were shown. Everything is further proof of concept at this stage.

Are there more moves animated than what we saw?

Yes, but for the characters we chose to show, we picked moves that would fit those characters specifically.

One of the female characters that was modeled, Betty Bulldozer, was missing something.  Was her makeup different?

Yes, her makeup didn't make is on the original model but not the one that was imported into the game engine.  There was an issue with that layer that will be fixed in future uses of the character model.

There was a running strike that didn't knock down the opponent, I thought AKI always made a running strike knock someone down?

This will be updated in future builds.  In the showcase build, damage modifiers for strikes were all set the same. A regular strike affected the opponent just as a running strike. They will be properly categorized and cause the right reactions in future builds.

The faces don't move, will the faces not move in the full game?

We will have facial animations in the full game.

When you climb to the top of the turnbuckle it looks like you don't automatically jump, do you manually have to press a button once up that because that deviates from AKI style?

Yes that is true, our reason for this is that we want top rope strikes and top rope "moves". like a high cross body where the move actually connects with the opponent and forces a corresponding animation. So now at the top rope there would be an A or B option just like running.

The guardrails and entrance ramp angle off to the side, are you changing how the arena is set up from AKI games?

This is a customization to show the depth of options for the arena.  This is just one of the customizations you can add to your stage, event, and arena we have in store for you!

You use a tool to stretch and grow the character of Bill Dollar during one of the CAW demonstrations.  Is that all you can do?

No we will be adding more unique body types and customizations as we go so you can have different muscle mass distribution. It won't just be wide muscle and thing muscle.

Free Agents

Will there be Free Agent bundles?

That is something we will have to discuss with the wrestlers and estates we are able to get in the game.  We don't want to force a decision on anybody at this time but it is a possibility. 

Will any wrestlers on the indies be in the Free Agent packages?

We love the indies, but this is a retro styled game. To go after newer, up and coming wrestlers won't fit the feel of the rest of the universe we are building. But we are building a lot of interest in other wrestlers joining the game! 

Just reveal all the Free Agents as they come in!

It's better to spread out these reveals so we can have a consistent pattern of updates for everyone.  If it makes sense to reveal more than one in close proximity we will but don't expect that to be the norm.

Will the Free Agents "parts" be available to our CAWs?

Yes and no.  There will be some new customizations that come from the free agents, but not all.  Some face or body modeling may be kept to their specific character to keep their appearance unique to themselves.

If I use those parts or moves, will my creations be able to go on Community Creations for free?

Anyone who has created a character using DLC moves or CAW parts can still upload to share, but you will need those DLCs to keep the CAW exactly as is.  We will probably put an alert in some place that says that a character you are trying to save has DLC parts. We will add in a way to show which DLC connects to which parts.

How do you decide the attires for the Free Agents?

The attires and gimmicks that the Free Agents have will be dictated by the rights that they own associated to those characters they have portrayed.  So if someone owns the rights to an old character that was televised before, we would be able to add them in the game. If not, and another media company owns the rights to that gimmick, then we will have to use another set of gear and character that they do own the rights to.  

Will there be any wrestlers that are fictional appearing as Free Agents?

We are open to it if there are options!

Will Free Agents licensing cause us to lose a character when the license is up?

 We will structure the contracts so the rights for the likeness used in the game will be available for the lifetime of the game.

What is the price of a Free Agent?

We will allow the wrestlers / their estates to make those decisions. We will still make recommendations based on the market and what our fans expect.

Kickstarter Information

Did the Kickstarter end? Was the game funded?

Yes! We had a successful Kickstarter campaign that smashed the initial goal as well as some stretch goals.  If you still want to contribute and you have the means, please use our Patreon or wait until the game is ready for purchase!

How do we submit images for the Super Fan Backer reward of appearing as a fan in UPW?

Once the Kickstarter ends we will compile a spreadsheet to track each backer and the reward they have pledged for. We will then contact each of the Super Fans and provide instructions on the image capture and sending process.  

UPDATE: All emails should have been sent out, please send in your superfan pictures if you backed that reward.  If you haven't received the email please confirm with a member of the team on discord.

Will the super fans appear in every match?

Some will but not every single person will appear every single time.  It will be a selection always in the front row.

Can we wear fan shirts for the Super Fan Backer reward image or will that cause licensing issues?

If the shirt is an issue we will edit it but send us what you can.  We are going to adapt the images to the style of the game so everything has to be drawn anyway.

Is the replica backer belt in the game?

There will only be one UPW Internet Championship in game and that will be defended on our weekly stream. UPW will be a promotion within the game with its own belts as well.

Who is holding the replica belt in the promo image?

The man in this picture is Dusty Gannon of the band Vision Video.

Is the backer belt real?

Yes there is already a prototype for the belt, that will be shipped, in the office!

I missed the Kickstarter, can I still get involved in the Early Access Demo?

Backers to Kickstarter will get access to that version of the game when it comes out in 2023. After some time and testing with that group, it will become available to everyone as a stand alone game.

We are discussing other options to get more people involved in the EAD, probably by use of Patreon so stay tuned for more updates.

Blast Information

What is Blast?

Blast will be our weekly stream where we will host players to compete live for the Internet Wrestling Championship. We may also show promo videos and interviews for you by you the views/competitors!

How many online championships will there be?

Unsure, we plan for the online singles and online tag team championships.  We may add gender and region specific championships. 

How many matches will be on Blast?

We have to figure out time limits for matches to see what is fair for the lower card and championship match.  Before we can do that, we need at least the one on one demo to get an average match time.  The stream would probably be an hour to and hour and a half and then we would determine how many matches can fit in.

What if someone cheats to win on Blast?

We want to make it hard to knock out the referee, it should be an accident.  It would still count as a win because it isn't hacking, just normal wrestling cheating. 

How do I get on Blast?

One of the ways we are planning to handle it is by having an online rank of all players.  Top players will most likely be able to get on and challenge for championships.  There will be opportunities outside of the ranking, like most wrestling.  We would also like to implement a battle royale to decide a challenger as well.

How can I watch? What is the timing?

We will decide the time of the weekly show and how it will be streamed.  Right now it would be hosted by us on our stream whether it be YouTube or Twitch. We will test the recording process for matches to see if we can make them more cinematic, otherwise it will be a spectator mode. 

When can we get more concrete information on Blast?

Much closer to release of the current game

UPW Slam

I saw a video online for a 2d version of the game?

That is not entirely true.  The video is for a future concept set within the Ultra Pro Wrestling universe tentatively known as "Slam". This was an idea that came from Hal Haney because initially, he had pictured his characters in a Saturday Night Slam Masters style game. This was before he signed up for UPW and allowed his designs to be featured in this game.

This is not going to start development any time soon.  The video was just a visual concept for a possible future project.  This will not take any resources away from UPW and the original UPW game has not been abandoned in favor of this 2d pixel-art throwback style game. Nothing has changed how the current project is going and nothing has been solidified in terms of planning, development, or timing at this time.